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Hammond Boards is a family company totally dedicated and involved in longboarding. We have been working in the longboard industry for years, shipping thousands of longboards to anywhere in the five continents. Every time we ship a longboard we do it with all the pride and care in the world, for is a part of us that is being shipped. We are Natalia and Chema, from Toledo, Spain. Our son Luke helps us as much as he can when he is not involved in his school duties.


It´s a must that you love what you ride, and the longboard must give you that feeling you are looking for in every turn, cruise or slide. You don´t need any previous experience in order to become an easy rider, this sport has a really fast learning curve and it´s much grateful than regular tricky skateboarding. Did I say sport? I meant lifestyle!


It doesn´t matter if you look for surf or snowboard sensations in longboarding or to apply the skateboard freestyle you love. If you just want to cruise around and let it go, or to to descent steep slopes getting the higher possible speed, slides and as much adrenaline as you can, there is a Hammond longboard that will fit your style and needs.

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Now is when the monotonous way around neighborhood becomes the amazing morning trip. The boring car journey turns into the look-for-slopes adventure tour. Weekends or free days now are more exciting.  Your style demands great equipment, that´s why we are here so... live to ride and ride to live, welcome to the revolution!


Hammond´s designs don´t expire with time, they look better every day. We don´t like to be part of the fast expiring fashions that turn decks to be outdated in months, we are loyal to our image and graphics for we have a strong belief in what we produce. If it doesn´t inspire us to the limit, we just don´t go for it.

So go ride a Hammond longboard and be part of the Vintage Spirit!

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Our main goal in life is to make top performance, affordable, resistant and great looking boards. Your feedback is welcome and anything you have to say about this will be taken into consideration by us. Just send us an email with any idea you may have regarding Hammond Boards and we will reply as soon as you could imagine

Thanks to Christian Vogt from Munich, Germany, for his help and translation to German language of our website.

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