Longboard Hammond Overdrive

Hammond Overdrive - Longboard Distribution in Europe

Hammond Overdrive longboard has been designed to fit the needs of the riders who want to combine downhill, free ride and free style.

It has great concaves in order to provide a maximum control in descents and slides in high speeds. It also features lifted and generous nose and tail so any free style trick can be achieved easily.

The micro-drops that are also in the 3D concave, help the rider to control the feet situation when riding in "Tuck" position.

In the outer part of the micro-drops you find a horizontal platform that has the truck holes. This helps in the assembly and performance of the trucks, providing more precision to the ride, with a more true turn.

Hammond Overdrive Riding Scales
Hammond Surf Highway 80a Wheels

The board has four positions for both trucks, this way each rider can personalize the turning power of the deck, achieving better draws in each circuit. When choosing a shorter wheelbase, nose and tail space increases and, therefore, free style maneuvers are more easy to perform.

The deck is made of nine plys of Canadian maple, and it is bi-directional and symmetric, specific for speed, slides and tricks. Wheel wells are CNC made.

The setup we include in this complete features Fifty V2 trucks, fast Abec7 608zz bearings, spacers, Surf Highway 70mm 80a wheels and 3,5 cms nuts/bolts, and longboard griptape.

Graphics in this model, same as in all our Speed Series boards, are inspired in original design for Hammond Speed Riff, which we think is so cool, that we have made some variations to original red design in order to fit all our Speed Series.


Longboard Hammond Overdrive
Price: 140,00
including VAT 21%
  • Great Longboard for Free Style, Downhill and Free Ride.
  • Sophisticated concave with micro drops and lifted nose & tail.
  • Symmetric and bidirectional.
  • Top Mount system for trucks and variable wheelbase.
  • Fifty V2 trucks and Surf Highway 70mm 80a wheels.
  • Longboard griptape.
Length: 39,5".
Wheelbase: Variable.
Wheels: Surf Highway 70mm 80a.
Bearings: Abec7 608zz.
Wood materials: 9 plys Canadian maple.
Uses: Free Style, Downhill y Free Ride.
Concave: Double concave with micro drops. Lifted nose and tail.
Weight: 4,210 Kgs.
Shape: Symmetric and bidirectional.
Truck system: Top Mount.
Trucks: Fifty V2 great turning power.
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