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longboard t tool for riders who want more

Here at Hammondboards we give all riders a T-Tool for free with the purchase of any complete longboard. This way you adjust and maintain all parts of your board easily and without any other tool.

We ship all complete longboards fully assembled and ready to be used after box opening, so you will not use the T-Tool right away, but this skate tool is your allied and a great piece of equipment. Hammond T-Tool has all-in-one the following parts:

-Phillips Screw Driver, ideal for holding the bolts that cross the deck and hold the truck to the board.

-Hex Key Wrench (Allen Wrench) just in case you have some Allen skateboard bolts placed in any longboard or skateboard.

-Three Pipe Wrenches:

  • Pipe wrench for the nuts that fix the truck to the wood.
  • Pipe wrench for the kingpin nut, so you can adjust the turning capability of your longboard, and you can bet this is a major issue, for every rider demands a different turn.
  • Pipe wrench for the wheels axle nuts, so you can disassemble wheels form the truck and clean truck axle, bearings, speed washers...
longboard t tool specifications

-Take advantage of this promotion and get ready to maintain your longboard by yourself.

-Forget about looking for the proper tool in order to adjust, clean, update or replace any parts of the longboards or skateboards you may have.

-Take your T-Tool with you when you go out for a long ride, it fits anywhere and it´s light and effective.

T-Tool is your friend!

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longboard rider using t-tool


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