Longboard Hammond Taffie

Hammond Taffie is an amazing 28 inches longboard to ride. It performs great in carving and commuting. Steep slopes are easy to handle as well with Taffie due to it´s high turning capacity which makes easy to control speed with tight turns.

It´s 28 inches total length make this deck ideal for tight carving. 9 inches width and a soft concave make it comfortable for any feet size.

This longboard fits anywhere and it´s super light. Taffie is easy to transport and store.

Longboard Hammond Taffie riding scale.
Longboard Wheels Surf Highway Custom 70mm - Red.

Taffie trucks are mounted using top mount system, which means more turning capacity and a higher deck resistance to impacts coming from aerial trick landing.

Sliding is super fun and easy with this longboard, being easy to finish tight turns into drifts. Surf Highway wheels do help a lot in this!

The trucks in this longboard are placed as near the end of the deck as it is possible, maximizing the wheelbase area and, therefore, the space for your feet. Although this is not a free style board, you can perform several tricks with Taffie, like hippie jumps, kickflips, etc.

Longboard Hammond Taffie
Price: 130,00
including VAT 21%
Qty Out of stock, available soon.
  • Great longboard for fun carving, cruising & commuting.
  • Soft & comfortable concave.
  • Asymmetric and unidirectional.
  • Top Mount system for trucks.
  • Fifty Trucks V2 reverse kingpin trucks provide maximum turn & stability.
Length: 28".
Width: 9".
Wheelbase: 23 & 1/2".
Wheels: Surf Highway Custom 70 mm. Red.
Bearings: Abec-5 Lubed. 608 ZZ.
Wood materials: Canadian Maple - 7 Plys
Uses: Tight Carving, Commuting, Surf Emulation.
Concave: Soft and comfortable.
Weight: 2,8 kg.
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