Surf Highway Longboard Wheels

Surf Highway wheels in longboarding action.

Surf Highway wheels have just the right balance between grip, speed, comfort and slide abilities in longboarding.

It was a must for Hammondboards to design a top performance wheel that could suit today´s longboard riders demands. This is the reason of us testing prototypes and urethane formulas for two years before we decided to go for the Surf Highway Custom 70mm standard as you can ride it now.

Surf Highway longboard wheels - Orange.

The shape.

The core of these wheels is placed just where it must be in order to provide performance for all styles: Freeriding claims for center set cores for tight and fast turns while best cruising and carving wheels normally have side-set cores, the solution for us was to place the core near the middle of the wheels, almost centered, just shifting it two millimeters towards the inner part of the wheel. This little detail increases the effective axle length, so stability is increased at any speed compared to performance obtained from center set wheels.

Strait cut 45 degrees angle lips provide lightness and free ride ability, the angled lips will help you start your sliding maneuvers more easily than if they were just rounded edges. Forget about pushing to the limit in order to start a slide, just ask for it when you need to and Surf Highway Customs will do the rest.

Surf Highway longboard wheels in action.

Scratched Urethane Surface.

The urethane surface comes machined-pre-scratched out of the box. This means they are ready to slide as soon as you place them on your trucks. Forget about having to wait some miles before performing a great slide, you will be able to do so in seconds.


Surf Highway longboard wheels - blue.

How they perform.

When carving and cruising Surf Highway Customs provide grip and speed, absorbing as well undesired vibrations from pavement bumps. They will not slide unless you ask them for, and when you do so, get ready for long, controlled and predicted slides, for this urethane is not just urethane, but a special high rebound formula designed for longboarding and not for anything else.

Free style demands light weight in the longboard wheels and that is provided by the angled lips, 45 degrees edges mean less urethane weight.

Surf Highway Longboard Wheels
Price: 35,00
including VAT 21%
Wheel color:
  • 70 mm urethane longboard wheels.
  • Great for all longboard riding styles.
  • 45 mm contact patch.
  • 80a & 84a hardness.
  • One set includes 4 wheels.
  • 45º angled lips.
  • Machine pre-scratched surface.
  • Choose your color in the pop-up menu.
Weight: 164 gr. /wheel.
Hardness: 80a & 84a.
Core Position: 2mm Offset.
Contact Patch: 45 mm.
Edges: 45º.
Diameter: 70 mm.
Disciplines: Carving, free ride, free style, urban surf.
Urethane: New Urethane High Rebound Formula.
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